Recognition in Metropolis

A group project that Andy was involved in as a graduate student at Kent State was named as a runner-up in Metropolis magazine’s Next Generation competition.

Project Summary:
Located on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya, Kibera is the largest urban slum in Africa, with close to one million inhabitants. Families of eight or more crowd into dwellings of 12 square feet. Much of the ground is covered in trash. An utter lack of drainage leaves pools of standing water everywhere that quickly become infested, providing fertile breeding grounds for mosquitos. Malaria is epidemic. There is also widespread distrust of international aid organizations and clinics.

A collaboration between researchers from Kent State University and an on-site NGO, this project consists of a series of icon-based visual designs to communicate essential information about malaria treatment and prevention, and to promote the practice of safe sanitary habits in Kibera. Relying primarily on images and with minimal text, the campaign highlights the causes and spread of malaria, its common symptoms, and treatment options. It also features an array of tools—including board games—to help educate Kibera’s school children. “We tried to provide visuals that fit within their culture,” says graduate student Andrew Schwanbeck, citing the high level of illiteracy in Kibera. “We didn’t want just another Westernized design solution.”

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