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Exhibition and Lecture

Posted by on Aug 25 2014, in Education, Our Operations, Our Work


“Behind the Platen” is an exhibition celebrating the legacy of letterpress printing. The exhibit includes work from artists and printers in our region, and demonstrates how the medium is being explored and utilized in our contemporary design culture.

The exhibition showcases the range of letterpress work done by shops and individuals in the Western Pennsylvania/Eastern Ohio area. Along with the exhibited work, it also educates on the history of the medium through development of current day trends. This body of work will share the passion of those continuing the legacy of letterpress printing.

The exhibit will open on Wednesday, September 10 and will kickoff with a lecture at 7:00 PM by Bob Kelemen, an accomplished printer designer, and design educator whose letterpress work has been recognized in regional and national competitions. He will speak on the use of letterpress as a tactile learning tool for design and will put into context how letterpress is being explored in our art and design culture. You can register through AIGA Pittsburgh:

More details of the exhibition can be found here.