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Happy Summer Thoughts

Posted by on Jan 18 2015

Our summer happy thoughts— much needed on a cold January day. The camper is artwork we created and cut linoleum and the large “FREEDOM” is wood type. We also printed another with small metal type with a quote from John Muir: “The mountains are calling and I must go.”

VCD Alumni Day and Split-Fountain Printing

Posted by on Oct 18 2014

Our day at the Type High press VCD alumni event was great fun. We enjoyed being there and seeing a few friends, mentors and meeting some VCD students. Thanks to the School of Visual Communication Design for hosting the alumni gathering!

We spent the day working on a Challenge proofing press doing some split-fountain printing. We then took a few of our split-fountain printed hands to remind about the upcoming midterm elections. We still did not find a satisfying solution for the string, but had fun experimenting.

Blood Moon Print

Posted by on Oct 11 2014

Some weekend fun in our studio, inspired by the recent lunar eclipse. We taped the letters each time before inking to get this nice half-inked effect.

Exhibition at the University of Akron

Posted by on Oct 04 2014

The letterpress exhibition and lecture at the University of Akron Myer School of Art had a nice turnout of students, faculty and professionals. The Student Design Society did a fantastic job of hanging the show and organizing the event. Thank you again to SDS and AAF Akron for making this event possible! The gallery is still open to the public through October 9.

Exhibition at La Roche

Posted by on Sep 12 2014

The letterpress exhibition and lecture went well at the La Roche Cantellops Art Gallery in Pittsburgh. We had a turnout of over 120 people for the lecture! Thank you again to the La Roche Design Division and AIGA Pittsburgh for making this event possible! The gallery is still open to the public through September 28 from 9AM-9PM.

We now have a location in Ohio, at the University of Akron, Myers School of Art. Learn more about the exhibition and the new location here:

Exhibition and Lecture

Posted by on Aug 25 2014

“Behind the Platen” is an exhibition celebrating the legacy of letterpress printing. The exhibit includes work from artists and printers in our region, and demonstrates how the medium is being explored and utilized in our contemporary design culture.

The exhibition showcases the range of letterpress work done by shops and individuals in the Western Pennsylvania/Eastern Ohio area. Along with the exhibited work, it also educates on the history of the medium through development of current day trends. This body of work will share the passion of those continuing the legacy of letterpress printing.

The exhibit will open on Wednesday, September 10 and will kickoff with a lecture at 7:00 PM by Bob Kelemen, an accomplished printer designer, and design educator whose letterpress work has been recognized in regional and national competitions. He will speak on the use of letterpress as a tactile learning tool for design and will put into context how letterpress is being explored in our art and design culture. You can register through AIGA Pittsburgh:

More details of the exhibition can be found here.

Exhibit Promotion

Posted by on Aug 18 2014

Finally we finished a poster promotion we’ve been working on for the upcoming letterpress exhibition: Behind the Platen. More details to come on the exhibition and lecture.

The concept behind the poster series is to bring to light phrases we often use but don’t realize the origin came from printing. We stretched our capabilities in this series by printing multiple colors and wood, metal, photopolymer and even needed to create the larger ‘p’ and ‘q’ via linoleum block cuts!

Sketchbooks and Journals

Posted by on Jul 31 2014

Our new paper cutter has opened the door to creating a larger variety of items— such as book forms. These are a few of the sketchbooks and journals we have been working on this past week. Though these are still quite tedious to construct, we are happy with the results and excited about the possibilities.

New Equipment

Posted by on Jul 29 2014

We’ve had a summer of upgrades and additions here at BPLP as we perfect our space and equipment. We purchased new rollers for all of our presses and are happily running 3 on the Pearl now (getting much better ink coverage)! We decided to run our 10×15 without the motor so we ordered a treadle and hook from Hern Iron Works which arrived recently and works like a charm. We also added a Challenge guillotine cutter to the mix, so no more x-acto blades for us!